[Solved] Pump with USB with Arduino


I bought a pump (Anself brushless DC Pump DC5V 2.3W) with USB-Male-connection to get power. It runs, if connected to any USB-Port. I'd like to turn the pump on and off with arduino UNO. But how can I connect Arduino UNO with the Pump?

Thanks, Manuel

Do you know how much current the pump requires? You can buy USB to screw terminal adapters but Arduino can only control a pump, not power it.
EDIT: Oops, just noticed power is 2.3W or about 500 mA + start surge so you need a 5V, 1 Amp power supply besides Arduino, might be able to cobble some connectors and a switch transistor into a small box or use something like this to switch pump power.


Thanks - I have a power module (700mA max) that might be suitable - the main Problem is, how to connect the USB port. My best idea so far is to cut off the USB and hope there are two cabels with different colours inside.

There SHOULD be different colours, but if not, be SURE of polarity before powering anything. Do you have a way of checking polarity?

Thank you for the inspiration. I think I will just cut it off and hope for red and black.

Yes! red and black - Now let's see, if the Power Module 545043 is strong enough.

Damn! It worked with a DC-Motor (approx 200mA) but not with the pump (should be 460mA). After testing the pump, the DC-Motor got no power any more. Probably the L293D had a problem (max 600mA) ???

Well - this is my first project. I'll do some research...

I solved it with a relay and a 5V-Power-Supply for the pump. By cutting off the USB an using an adapter from the Power-Supply to wires.

Thanks for help. How can I mark this Post as "solved"?

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