[solved] Quick question about %d

In a sketch I have a printf line with a %d, and I want to print "%" as text after the value.
But the text after that starts with an "s" (I think that's the problem).
The ESP-12 I'm running this on crashes because of this, even with a space between the % and s.

Serial.printf("signal %d%\n", value); // works

Serial.printf("%d% signal\n", value); // crashes the ESP

Serial.printf("%d % signal\n", value); // also crashes the ESP

Not important, because I can use two print lines, or move things around, but I like to know if there is another way around this.

To get a "%" in your xxprintf output, double it in the format string: "%%"


Serial.printf("%d%% signal\n", value); // works