[SOLVED] Received Uno R3, and SmarRthing shields but Unos not detected


I’m using Visual Studio 2012 currently on a quad-core (2012) Mac Mini with Windows 8,1 natively installed.

When I connect the Uno I get two flashing orange lights and One solid green light. I’ve removed the SmartThings shield in case that was the problem. No change :frowning:

It shows up okay in Device Manager.

I’ve attached what I believe to be the relevant screen snippets.

I’m just hoping it isn’t a 5am and haven’t yet had my ADHD meds thing.

I;be be grateful if someone would help me resolve this. I have the day off and playing with this was my main aim.

Thank you,

PS. I did wonder if it was Apple’s USB driver causing this but then I wouldn’t expect it to show correctly as a Uno in Window’s Device Manager’s window. I hope its not an Apple thing. This is the device I code on via a MacBook Air 11" day in day out for work.

It's not complaining that it can't find the Arduino BOARD, it's complaining that it can't find the Arduino IDE! Visual Micro is an add-on to Visual Studio, but it requires that the Arduino IDE be installed as well, in order to provide the AVR-specific compilers and other tools.

Thank you for that. I'm pretty certain I've installed both. I'll try again.

Thank you :)


If its the software from this page https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software then yes it has been installed. I'm uninstalling and reinstalling now.

Did my ADHD make me miss being told to reboot after installation? I'll do that anyway once reinstalled,


Nope same message. I'm going to reset the Uno and then go in a miserable mood if it doesn't work.

There is some configuration of Visual Micro that has to happen so that it knows where the IDE is located. I thought it popped up automatically when you first tried to use it, but perhaps not in all cases.

Check the instructions for changing the configuration here: http://www.visualmicro.com/page/User-Guide.aspx?doc=First-steps.html

That link didn't work for me even after a cleaning up a few issues from possible forum whackiness with some URLs and/or copy and paste issues,

I ended up here which made me realise there was a menu (not that used to extensions adding top-level menus). I selected the correct port but it made no difference.


I now get this the following so at lest its recognizing the correct port...

Neither my MacBook Air keyboard or my fancy Microsoft remote keyboard with cursor pad (learn from Apple guys, its wank) have Prtscn buttons and the menu closes without a certain Snipping Tool method of capturing an open menu that requires pressing Ctrl+PrtScn (I do like that tool).

I mistakenly took '* Enter the ide folder location (example c:\arduino)'. As an arbitrary folder name. This would (most likely) not have happened if the dev had capitalised IDE correctly, instead finding the path to the Arduino IDE install folder.

All sorted now but definite hint to the dev to choose words carefully and capitalise correctly.