[Solved]Robot No Upload No TX LED Flash

Hello, I have recently become interested with basic robotics, and the Arduino Robot seemed to be a great place to start. I received the robot earlier today, I uploaded an example sketch (R01_Logo), and it worked well despite the motors not being calibrated. I saw the calibration sketch, and decided to use it; however, after the "Done Uploading" message appeared in the IDE, and the robot restarted, the R01_Logo sketch remained. I tried multiple USB ports/computers (both macs)/versions of IDE to no avail. Additionally, I noticed that the "TX" LED will not flash like the "RX" LED when uploading a sketch. I hope I can resolve this soon. Thanks in advance. :)

Have you tried the double press then load:

Because of the way the Robot handles reset it's best to let the Arduino software try to initiate the reset before uploading, especially if you are in the habit of pressing the reset button before uploading on other boards. If the software can't reset the board you can always start the bootloader by double-pressing the reset button on the board. A single press on the reset will restart the user sketch, a double press will initiate the bootloader.

Wow thanks, problem solved.