How do I sign up for RSS feeds in the new forum?

I hope that it is just for the moment that RSS feeds are not possible

+1 RSS feeds needed soon :)

RSS is activated, it is just not being shown with an icon for people to subscribe. Until we make it available in a more usable way, you can subscribe to the fees as explained in the following website:


In other words, if you type something like the following in your browser:


it will spit out the feed with the last 5 messages up to 255 chars for each. I guess you can add that to whatever reader you are using.


[quote author=David Cuartielles link=topic=49885.msg355965#msg355965 date=1296041301] I guess you can add that to whatever reader you are using. [/quote]

Wrong guess

Does not work in my good old Newsfox in the Firefox browser. Complains about not having associated style info and shows me an xml sheet. The previous forum however did work in Newsfox.

Another remark : Can you change the last 5 posts in the last 10 as in the previous forum?


take a look at this topic:


there is an explanation on how to format your feed requests for the readers. In essence, Google Reader or any other reader requires to have a certain type of feed. In this case it means you need to add a parameter at the end of the feed: "type=atom"


Thanks, that did the trick. Learning, everday again. :)