[solved] SD logging shield not working for Simple Audio Player

Hi guys!
I know this topic is everywhere, but I already read most of this forum…
I bought the hardware for Simple Audio Player:

Arduino DUE, SD Logging shield, TDA7297 amplifier.

I cannot make the SD logging shield to work [update]: It is fake Adafruit Data Logging Shield. I’ve tried 3 different tutorials (directly stacked, through SPI) to connect it to DUE but none of them seem to work. I also tried to test it without amplifier, just to read/write: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ReadWrite - as always: “…initialization failed!”.
The DUE and Amplifier works fine.
It might be my SD cards, but I followed the tutorials carefully to format it FAT32/FAT16 through OSX Terminal.

Where should I look for a solution? :confused:

Ok, seems I finally found an answer!
For anyone else - here it is (connecting SD logging shield to DUE through SPI):

I even made a simple drawing (since I somehow misconnected MISO and MOSI at first), see attachment.

pinout to adafruit sd logger-01.png