[Solved] Serial Port Unavailable on Windows 10 Pro x64

Hi I am having a problem with the Arduino web editor's serial monitor. It is saying that the serial port is unavailable but when I run the same code through the desktop app the serial monitor works perfectly fine. Does anyone know what can be causing this problem and how I can fix it? Below I have posted screenshots of what I am getting and the code I used.



Thank you, Dean

If you are running both softwares at the same time, one cannot read from the serial because the port is busy as used by the other software. Is this your case? Anyway the message sould be ‘port busy’ so thanks for your report, I’ll check it! What OS and browser are you using?

I was not running the Arduino Desktop App nor did I have it installed when I first noticed the problem.

I am running Windows 10 Pro x64 on Google Chrome. I have not tried any other OS or browser yet but I plan on testing it on OSX later today and will also try another browser like firefox or safari.

EDIT: I was able to successfully access the Serial Monitor on OSX and safari, but I am still not able to access it on Windows 10, even after I tried reinstalling the extension.

I'll create an issue and we'll investigate more, thanks for your report!

We have released a new version of the plugin that hopefully solves this problem, it should be auto-updated on your machine with version 1.1.52 (click on the tray icon of the plugin to see the version number). Let us know if this still happens!

hey, I'm having the same issue. It uses to work on the web editor, I was doing some experiments and adding more complexity to my circuits and it stopped working. I tried to run the sketch on the initial circuit that use to work, but it doesn't work anymore. I have 1.1.94 version of the plugin, and I only used the web editor, not the IDE.


Please read this then add any missing details .

It is important to have details of what you have tried and how.

Sometimes a fix can be as simple as clearing a browsers CACHE. Or a little more involved such as turning off any additional computer security to test.