SOLVED: servo assembly help

I have a radio shack servo that I'm looking to use on my robot, but the hardware included leaves me a little confused. This came from Radio Shack so I'm assuming its complete.

So I am a noob. Be nice.

  1. Mounting the servo to the chassis is NOT my issue. That part is clear.
  2. Mounting the servo horn between the servo and the bracket is. The servo horn has 4 holes that COULD be connected to my bracket. (4 holes line up)

I'll only attach 2 most likely.

Given the hardware shown here, what screws go where? The silver screws seem WAY too large. I planned on screwing them down towards the servo (not upwards as they would be exposed). This is how the bracket documentation shows it.

well the black screws make it so the white part can not come out.the rest of the hardware????????? it's a mystery to me.
also the cables are...
-yellow= pin 9 most common

The shortest black screw (without a point) goes into the centre of the white disk (or any of the other arms) to hold it in place after you have fitted it in the correct orientation to suit your usage.

The 4 square rubber things go into the mounting slots in the servo and then the 4 little black tubes go into the holes in the rubber blocks. The 4 silver screws go through those tubes to fix the servo to its mounting position. You can use your own judgment about how much of this stuff you actually use or whether you use other stuff you may have. The minimum would be one screw or bolt at each end of the servo body.

The 2 black pointed screws can be used to fix things into the holes in the white disk. Just make sure they don't touch the servo body when the disk rotates.


Thanks for the feedback apple_computers and robin2! I did in fact use these "tapping" screws. They are really tight to screw in, but they worked just fine. They are not a risk of contacting the servo, which I measured out with all of the screws.

Thanks for clarifying where to use the silver screws. I noticed their shape, but didn't think about using them there until you said it. I'll probably look for some short machine screws instead of those.

Now that my servo is attached, I think I have new power (or possibly logic) issues. :frowning: But that is another post. Thanks again!