[solved] several tcp clients with ethernet library


I am wondering how i could instantiate two or more clients with the help of the ethernet library.
I want my arduino with ethernet shield to poll 2 distinct servers.

The code to create a client is:

Client client(server, port);

I tried

Client server1 = client(server1_ip_byte_buffer, portnr);
Client server2 = client(server2_ip_byte_buffer, portnr);

But this would not work
neither would this work:

Client server1 = Client client(server1_ip_byte_buffer, portnr);
Client server2 = Client client(server2_ip_byte_buffer, portnr);

I’m not wel versed in C/C++, so I might miss something obvious here… could anyone explain it?

Found some c++ tutorials, and this works:

Client client1(ip, port); Client client2(ip2, port2);