[Solved] Shared sketchbook folder with libraries?

So I got a laptop (my sister's old macbook) and I put arduino on it, etc.

I wanted to have access to all my sketches on my main computer. (iMac running snow leopard)

So I set up the arduino sketchbook folder on the imac as a shared folder. This appears as a new volume on the macbook, and I can navigate all my sketches folders in it.

I set arduino on the macbook to use this shared folder as the sketchbook folder, and all the files and folders appear in the arduino IDE. I can open and save files perfectly fine.

However, arduino on the macbook does not appear to recognize the libraries folder in the sketchbook folder; consequently, I cannot use the libraries that were on the iMac.

For now, I will install the libraries in the contents of arduino.app, I can live with having to reload them when I update Arduino. But is there a solution to the shared folder libraries problem?

I use Git.

The downside is that a change is not immediately available on all other computers. I have to remember to synchronize.

The upside is that the files are stored on more than one harddrive and there is a complete history available.

If you use Github, you can use git to access your Sketchbook from anywhere! Well, as long as you have Internet access.

For Mercurial users there is BitBucket.

Okay, I solved the problem.

Some of the sharing permissions were set wrong.

On the iMac, I selected "get info" from the right click menu on my sketchbook folder, then changed the permissions to read and write for an account that I log into on the laptop. Then, key step: I hit the icon with the gear and selected "apply to enclosed files" or whatever. I guess the libraries folder had not been marked as readable before.

Hope this helps anyone who is trying this same thing!