(Solved) Shrinking a UTFT sketch

I don’t know if this should go here or the display forum, so Moderators move it if necessary.
I am trying to convert a sketch I use with a 20x4 lcd to use a 2.4" TFT from ElectroDragon. The sketch comes in at 34,276 bytes. Also I have hacked the ITDB02 sheild to enable the I2C pins, so I can’t use the SD card to store anything even if i knew how.
I can make the display do everything I want as long as I leave out the menu switch case I use to calibrate the sensors, so that part of the code is working. Of course that doesn’t help much, I can’t really use the sketch if I can’t set it up without loading a seperate sketch to calibrate. Well, I can but I can’t share it with friends that don’t have any Arduino experience. I tried using the smaller font, but that only dropped it down from 34,276 to around 33, 500, plus the display is small enough already.
I really like the crisp color display, I can change the color of the graphs when the tank gets fuller, giving a quick visual warning when they get close to full.
If there is no way to shrink the sketch, guess it’s time for a Mega. (Honey, the guys on the forum said I needed it!)
Sheesh, can’t even past half the code here. Attatched

ITDB02_Touch_Main2_1_2big.ino (9.37 KB)

You have edited libraries/UTFT/memorysaver.h to reduce memory usage I presume?

Thank You MarkT Just what I needed, The documentation for UTFT is really great but I missed that somewhere. Actually dropped the sketch almost 10K. If it actually works, now that it compiles. lol TomJ