[Solved] Sketch naming limitations

The zip file attached is an example of some sketches I am trying to upload to the web editor. Certain similar files will upload successfully, while other won’t. I have tried re-naming the file, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. This is a link to a similar sketch file which uploaded successfully: Arduino Create

sketch_006_relational_operators.zip (369 Bytes)

Hi @brianeo, the problem seems to be that the file name is too long, it must be maximum 28 characters. But for sure we need to show a proper error message, we'll look at it as soon as possible, thanks for your report!

Giving the file a 28-or-less name uploads successfully. I noticed another feature of the web editor. If only the .ino file name is changed -but not the folder name- and both are zipped and uploaded, the resulting web folder name will be changed to the .ino file name. I have 32 sketches to upload. Not all file names are more than 28 characters, but now they will all be changed for a consistent naming convention. Only having to change the file name once for each will save time. This project will be shared. It can't be as messy as my desktop folders!