(Solved) -- [SRF05 Sensor] Probably a stupid question...

Hi.. I'm using Arduino UNO, and have 12 servos to run, and I didn't realise before that Ultrasonic sensors also need 'digital' pins to operate :|

I need to know if there's any way I can use the Analog pins to operate SRF05 sensor ?

Also, if that^ is not possible, then (since I have 2 SRF05 sensors), is it possible to trigger both together using only 1 digital pin, and then read their pulses from Analog pins separately ?


Yes, you can use the analogue pins as digital,
Use A0…A5, or 14 to 19 as the pin numbers.

OHH.. So I can simply make the Analog pins HIGH and LOW as well?

..and the programming won't be any different either? :O

btw, Thanks for the quick response !

Just use "pinMode" and "digitalRead" / digitalWrite" as before, but with the pin numbers I described.