[Solved] Strange behavior when setting Outputs affecting Input.

Attached is a schematic of my circuit: a touch sensor using an Atmel AT42QT1010, and 2 constant current LED drivers. I have 10 of these circuits connected to power and an Arduino Mega, via P2.

The problem seems to occur by connecting pins 2 & 4 on P2 to the MC. Even when these are set to LOW, setting these pins HIGH on the other units will affect this one, causing the OUT of AT42QT1010 to go HIGH. This seems to happen when I set more than 3 of LEDs to HIGH (on any other circuit), in fact as soon as I do that, every device reports its Touch OUT to be HIGH…

Any advice to how I could remedy this would be great… I’m truly stuck! I really cant think of anything else to try.

Think I've got it sorted...,

I need to reset the touch IC, after all the rest of the electronics have powered up. 2 days of troubleshooting - how did I miss that!