[Solved] Switching a 24V AC power source : TS102 or Relay ?

I would like to drive (basic on/off) a 24V AC 3000mA 72VA power source with my Uno.

I was wondering if a classical TS102 transistor would do the job without any risks of damaging my Uno, or if I should use a relay.

Thanks for your help.

Transistors aren’t very good at AC switching. I would go with the relay. If you get one with a 5V <30mA coil that has contacts rated for better than 24 VAC you can drive it directly from an Arduino pin. Don’t forget the snubbing diode across the coil to protect your Arduino from “back EMF”.

If the only relay you can find needs more than 5V 30 mA you need a small transistor to drive it.

Thank you John for your clear answer!

Have a nice day!

Use a mechanical relay or an SSR.