[solved] TFT display & HTTPClient (serial Bridge)

I’m trying to build a power consumption reader, with a display where I write Watt used and record the data in a web-service with a http GET.

I Use TFT display, that use ICSP pins, D0 and D1, but I need the Bridge to make an http call over WiFi.

After a lot of search I understood that D0 an D1 pins are used also for the Bridge, when I initialize the Bridge, TFT display became unusable

Do You know if there is a way to use TFT display and http call on the same Yun?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Do You know if there is a way to use TFT display and http call on the same Yun?

As you found, you can't use D0 and D1 for anything on the Yun. You need to figure out a way to use different pins with your TFT.

If we knew which TFT you were using, and how it communicates, we could give a better answer. Is the TFT using D0 and D1 as a serial port, or just as digital I/O?

Hi ShapeShifter!
I use Arduino TFT display, and for the Yun the wired connection is this. I tried to change the pin from 0-1 to 1-2, according the setup in the sketch, but the display won’t work.
I admit that I don’t know a lot the TFT Library, because there is another way to connect it, but I cannot use it in other mode :frowning:

Thanks for the additional information, it's very helpful (especially providing links!) It's interesting that they would say the Leonardo's connections will work with the Yun, as it obviously can't work that way (at least not if you have any plans to communicate with the Linux side, and if you didn't you would probably use the much less expensive Leonardo!)

It's very strange that they would recommend pins 0 and 1 for the Leonardo/Yun, as they are so useful for serial communications (definitely so on the Yun, and still useful on the Leonardo.) For the Uno, they are using pins 8 and 9 instead of 0 and 1, so why didn't they just use the same pins for the Leonardo/Yun? Curious.

You moved from pins 0 and 1 to pins 1 and 2. While you solved the conflict on pin 0, you still have a conflict on pin 1. You can't use either 0 or 1. Move the CS and RESET connections to two other pins, update the defines in your sketch accordingly, and give it a try.

Hi ShapeShifter,
it was late and I made a mistake writing the pin. I tried with 2-3, not 1-2, but the display won't initialize.
Before to move tu ICSP pins I tried same pinout of the Uno, but the display didn't work.
I Think that I'll buy a 8x2 LC display to obtain the WiFi connection and displaying the data...

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Were you careful to make sure the changes to the pin definitions in the sketch exactly matched the physical connections? It's so easy to get the definitions reversed, in which case it wouldn't work properly.

I'll double check at home tonight, thanks :slight_smile:

The double check wins! :grin:
I Used pin 2 and 3, i put the correct values in TFT initialize and now I'va datalogger, display and wifi!
THANKS! :slight_smile:
You have a free beer if you travel in Turin (IT)! :slight_smile: