SOLVED, thanks.... How to print omega symbol?

I see some posters use the omega symbol when referring to ohms.... how to do that please?

You mean like this? 10?

I used Windows character map. Start- Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Character map Select arial as the font.

? <<<<< yep exactly like that, thanks

And if you are a smarty-pants, you can do it all from the keyboard by remembering the keycode. I use a Apple Mac on my right hand side and Ubuntu Linux on my left hand side and they both have these and many many other special characters just by hitting the right ALT on the Linux or right Option on the Mac OSX. So one can get at the touch of two buttons things like ? which on the Mac is right option Z (Z being for impedance in ohms, how smart is that), also œ?´®ƒ†©¥?¨????ßø?øoô and so on.

What a pain it must be on that other operating system wi.... no, wind.., nope, just can't say it, to have to use another program, oh well :zipper_mouth_face:

Much fun for everyone ]:D