SOLVED: ToF and Digital Pot Control

Hi everyone.

I was wondering if you can assist me or point me in the general direction. I have basic understanding of coding enough to get me by with simple smaller projects. But I'm confused on this one.

I have a ToF sensor VL53L0x I want to control the RPM of a motor using the measurements taken from the sensor.

As my hand gets closer it speeds up to max then as it moves away it slows down until it stops.

I can do this using the built in PWM on my Arduino UNO and a 12v pc fan no problems. But when I want to go to a stronger higher RPM12v motor i need a more external powerful higher freq output PMW controller. The one I have is controlled by a 100k Pot. I have an X9C104s chip that will do 100 steps. I can easily control this by code to control the motor automatically or with an on/off detection. But combining the ToF measurement to the X9C104s so it controls the resistance thus PWM and RPM based on the distance of my hand I can't seem to figure out.

Any help is appreciated and I thank you in advance.

What makes You think that a higher frequncy would be better? What problem would it take care of?

I don't see how a digital pot could control a motor.
They are designed for signals, with tiny currents.

Use a logic level N-channel mosfet if the motor should only turn one way.
Diagram#1 here.
Or a H-bridge motor driver for both directions.

You can convert the output of the VL53L0x to PWM values with the map() function.

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Can you post the code you have now with your present motors?

Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png of your present system, showing motor and power supplies.

Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

Sorry I took so long to reply I have been gone awhile. I have a PWM controller that uses a 100k pot to determine the PWM Freq to output. I was wanting to replace the thumb turn pot with a digital one. (I already had these items on hand)I ended up doing as WAWA said before I read it and bought an H bridge motor driver. I already had the map() function setup so it was easy to just plug it in and go from there.

Thanks for the help.