[solved] Trouble getting started with xbee

I'm having a hard time getting started with xbee.

I have 2x XBee S2 devices that are riding in the XBee kit by adafruit (https://www.adafruit.com/products/126)

I have used X-CTU to make the following configurations:

Xbee1 Zigbee coordinator AT PANID 1001

XBee2 Zigbee Router AT PANID 1001 DH & DL set to serial of Xbee1

Xbee2 is connected to an ATMega1280 Arduino developer board as follows: +5v Arduino to +5v Xbee Gnd Arduino to Gnd xbee TX Arduino to TX xbee RX arduino to RX xbee

The code on this arduino is simple:

void setup()
void loop()
 Serial.println("hello world");

The coordinator or xbee1 is simply plugged into an FTDI port of my laptop. I'm watching what's happening using X-CTU terminal.

The results.

Xbee1 (coordinator) blinks its green light about once per second. There is no output to the terminal screen. Xbee2 (router) blinks its green light about twice per second. Neither xbee is blinking their red light.

Now the real strange part. Upon unplugging the rx/tx cables on the router xbee2, the red lights on both xbee's start up and stay solid for about 3 seconds. When I watch the terminal screen on the coordinator xbee1 I see a period (.) and if I let this run for a while more and more periods show up.

What am I doing wrong that I'm not seeing the "hello world" message on the terminal when tx/rx are plugged in? What do the blinking green lights mean and why are they different speeds?

I have found a solution to my problem. The remote xbee2 needed to have the wiring like this:
+5v Arduino to +5v Xbee
Gnd Arduino to Gnd xbee
TX Arduino to RX xbee
RX arduino to TX xbee

That sort of makes sense… The arduino transmits the message “hello world” to the xbee, which then needs to receive that message in order to transmit it… I guess…

I have 2x XBee S2 devices

Zigbee Router AT

With just two XBees, what other XBee data will this one be acting as a router for? This one should be an end device. Routers are only necessary when there are more than two devices.


See here is where I'm clueless. If I were to choose an "end device" I have no idea why or which one to choose. My options are: zigbee end device analog io zigbee end device api zigbee end device at zigbee end device digital io zigbee end device ph

and how would that differ from:

zigbee router/end device analog io zigbee router/end device digital io zigbee router/end device sensor

But the truth is, I am setting up a sensor network and yes I only have 2 to get started with, but I plan on having many all around that will need to bounce off each other to get to the coordinator. I'm finding the xbee to be very difficult to get started on. I obviously haven't hit useful documentation yet. I've simply been following incomplete tutorials on getting started.

I obviously haven't hit useful documentation yet.

Then, it is time you got off your wallet and bought a book. Specifically, Rob Faludi's "Wireless Sensor Networks".