SOLVED: Trouble with the Phi Interfaces Library

Hey Arduino Community,
I am having difficulty implementing Dr Liu’s phi_interfaces library in a project. For some reason I cannot get simple buttons to work. I am using a mega 2560 and trying to get buttons to work with the example code for “phi_button_groups”. When I use Dr Liu’s Phi-2 shield they work fine, but when I bread bored the buttons they act as though they are being continuously depressed. This is the code I am using:

#include <phi_interfaces.h>

//The following button pins apply to phi-1 and phi-2 shields. Please make appropriate modification for your own setup.
// For phi-1 shield btn_r is 3. For phi-2 shield btn_r is 4
#define btn_u 5
#define btn_d 10
#define btn_l 11
#define btn_r 4
#define btn_b 14
#define btn_a 15

#define total_buttons 6

char mapping[]={'U','D','L','R','B','A'}; // This is a list of names for each button.
byte pins[]={btn_u,btn_d,btn_l,btn_r,btn_b,btn_a}; // The digital pins connected to the 6 buttons.
phi_button_groups my_btns(mapping, pins, total_buttons);
multiple_button_input* pad1=&my_btns;

void setup(){
  Serial.println("Phi_interfaces library button groups test code");
  my_btns.set_repeat(100); // You don't have to set this since it has a default value of 200. This sets how often a held key is repeated, 0.1s. So the held key is repeated 10 times a second.
  my_btns.set_hold(2000); // You don't have to set this since it has a default value of 2000. This sets how long you need to hold a key before it is repeated, 2s. So the held key starts repeating after being held for 2 seconds.

void loop(){
  char temp;
  temp=my_btns.getKey(); // Use phi_button_groups object to access the group of buttons
//  temp=pad1->getKey(); // Use the generic multiple_button_interface to access the same hardware
  if (temp!=NO_KEY) Serial.write(temp);

Ive attached a pic of some of my buttons breadboarded.

I plan on sending Dr Liu a PM and trying to contact him via his blog, but I’m not sure when of if he will respond. I understand he is very busy and has not been active in the community for some time. I thought I make this post in case I’ve missed something obvious (probably the case), or in case someone else has run into this.

TIA for any help offered

I had been wiring my button as shown in the classic button tutorial at . But the button just needed to be wired with one side connected to the input pin and the other side connected to ground.