Solved: Trying to run a single servo with an external battery source

Hi, I want to try running multiple servos using an external battery pack, and I tried starting out with one. I used online resources to try to figure out the circuitry, and I copied it using my solderless breadboard. However, likely due to the circuitry, the servo will not run when I upload a test program. There is enough power, and the battery pack I’m using worked when I tested it elsewhere, so I am unsure of what is wrong. I’m new to this and I decided to use the forum as a last resort, I read the how to for forum posts, and I hope I did it right.
Photos were attached to show what my circuit looks like, though they are kind of unclear, so I can answer any questions on where the wires are located. I am using arduino uno and a parallax continuous rotation servo. Here is the code I’m using to test the circuit.

#include <Servo.h>
Servo leftservo;
void setup() {

void loop() {


I wasn't able to upload all the pictures needed to see the project, so I used mediafire, I hope that's okay.

Sorry the links are useless you just get a button to download something. Not risking that.

The picture you managed to post is much the same, it just shows a mass of wires pushed into a breadboard. There is no way to trace them and see what your circuit is.

If you read the how to use the forum how come you did not post a schematic like it asked. If you have not got a schematic then draw one on pen and paper will do. You can't wire anything up without a schematic and to try only leads to disaster.

I thought there was also a view button on the links I used, sorry. When I read the how-to, I was unsure of exactly what a schematic entailed, so I skipped that section, obviously a mistake. I was trying to use a schematic that I found online, and I tried to emulate it. I've checked a number of times, and the wiring appears the same. The only difference was that I took out the second servo. The schematic I used is on this page (though I'm unsure if it is the type of schematic you were looking for)

The schematic I used is on this page

That page has no schematics on it. All it has is a physical layout diagram, which is not a schematic. However it is just about trivial enough to do.

Now we need to know how you have implemented this. We need to see a clearly focused photograph showing your wiring so we can follow all the wires and the power lines.

Okay, I don't have the greatest camera/photography skills, however I think that this photo might help. I can clarify anything that can't be discerned at all. On the arduino board itself, the black wire is plugged into 9 and the green wire is plugged into ground.


Are you trying to drive a servo off two 1.5V batteries? That is not going to work.

Edit:- that looks like two 1.2V rechargeable batteries so that is 2.4V to power a 6V servo!

however I think that this photo might help.

Look can you recreate a wiring diagram from that photograph? First off it is very unevenly illuminated, but most of all there is a tangle of wires all obscuring each other making it impossible to see what you have wired where.

At least you could have increased your contrast / brightness levels, like this:-


Thank you very much. I didn't even consider that the power for the servo wasn't enough, I was too busy trying to find an error in the wiring. It works fine now. Given that this was my first attempt at a project, I'm very grateful that you helped even though I didn't provide much assistance.

even though I didn't provide much assistance.

Yes but next time you will know what to do won't you ;)

I'd hope so. ;)