[Solved] Unable to upload to arduino zero pro

Hi everyone. I've tried to upload several times to my arduino without success. I have an arduino zero which does not appear in the board list (have arduino uno selected). Could this be the problem?

Also, in case its not the error message I receive is:

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

But none of the solutions suggested online worked..

Just out of curiosity, is it an Arduino Zero or Arduino Zero Pro?

I don't see support for it in Arduino 1.6.1. Surprising since it was announced about 10 months ago.

It's the Arduino Zero Pro.

The Arduino Zero Pro is "the other" Arduino, that is Arduino.org They have a version for the Zero Pro : http://arduino.org/downloads

Is that confusing for you ? so it is for us.

It worked flawlessly. Many thanks!

It does ? Could you make a video for Youtube ? :P