[Solved] Updating Libraries

Hi guyz,

I just faced a serious problem, I was just checking 1Sheeld library and i can see it’s not updated on arduino’s online editor “latest version 1.11.0” whilst it’s still states 1.10.0 as the latest update for the library.Though, the offline editor “IDE” notified me with the update and i updated the library. Should the online editor be listening to the changes directly through the servers ?

Moreover, i wouldn’t have noticed that the 1Sheeld library latest version is 1.10.0 on the online editor,as it wasn’t at the top of the list “as the sequence should be”, so if you would please guyz check the indexing of the versions inside the drop list.

Yes you are totally right, we are working on an automated system to incorporate new library versions as soon they get detected by the offline IDE. Updates soon! In the mean time we will manually push an update within today.

For the version list: thanks for reporting this, added to our bug fixing list.

Thanks @00alis :slight_smile:

1Sheeld updated version now available.

The fix for the version list is ready on our development instance, coming out at our next release in the next few days. Thanks!

Really thanks for your quick response and support :thumbs_up:, waiting the new release :slight_smile:

We are releasing new libraries daily now, so you should not encounter this issue anymore. Please note that the desktop IDE has an hourly update while we have it daily, if you still see some lag that is the reason.