[[SOLVED]] USB 1.5a solder link on circuit board


I've had a close look at the arduino/genuino 101 and happened to notice that there's what looks like provision to make a solder link so you can utilise 1.5 amps over the usb power feed. Firstly, is this intended to allow users who require a little bit more current from the usb power supply to do so without voiding any kind of warranty?

I ask because I've tried to use the Adafruit Neopixel shield and it's not lighting up as expected (like not lighting up) So before I try hunting for an external 5v power supply to feed the shield, I was wondering if it was worth making the link? My main concern is that it may bypass the polyfuse that is there to protect/prevent too much current drain via the usb port.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated...

Hi, the 1.5amp solder link is meant to be used when powering the board with an external USB charger (like smartphones') and driving a lot of current to the peripherals (like motors or led strips) And soldering it won't break the warranty :) It will simply modify the current limit imposed by the limiter, so it won't bypass the polyfuse. If you want to power the board with an external charger via the barrel jack keep in mind that you need at least a 7.5V charger

Great! I'll be warming up the iron soon! :)

Thanks for your reply