SOLVED: Using 2 OLEDs on one Arduino (unique functions)

I am designing a couple of gauges for automotive use. At this point, one will be for oil temperature and fuel pressure, while the other will use an air temperature/humidity sensor.

I'm at the design level now and have not delved much into coding other than to try a few basic sketches for my sensors. I got everything to work when I was using an LM34 for air temperature only but now after some reading I'm planning on using a DHT-22. Before I delved into more coding, I wanted to see if I need more than one Arduino. I've read some posts here that it is possible for one Arduino to use 2 LCDs. I have to get up to speed on interfacing the OLEDs.

My question involves using one Arduino to control two OLED displays so that each has a unique function. I'm looking at a couple of I2C 128x64 1.3" displays (these will clear a 52mm gauge housing). Can the Uno do this? I also have a Mega if it would be more suitable. I'm hoping this will be an easy question for a more experienced member.

The layout involves the controller under the dash connecting sensors under hood and a couple of gauges mounted on top of the dash. I'm also planning on a regulated 5V power supply so as not to overtax the Uno.

Thanks for any help.

Found a viable solution in this thread:
Multiple OLED SSD1306 Displays using 2IC