[Solved]Using ArduinoJSON: how to generate char[] from JsonObject

I'm using ArduinoJSON to facilitate generating a JsonObject of a bunch of dynamically defined data, but my goal is to eventually get a char. Looking through the examples, I don't see a way to do something like this:

char my_char_array[] = myJasonObject.get_char();

Anyone familiar with this that can point me to a way of generating the char? I see this example that seems to get me pretty close, I'm not familiar with this to know how to get to char:

JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject();
  // This prints:
  // {
  //   "sensor": "gps",
  //   "time": 1351824120,
  //   "data": [
  //     48.756080,
  //     2.302038
  //   ]
// }

It's printing out json object. I'd like it to create a char out of it instead.

Edit: Solved, the print function can print to char array.