*SOLVED* Using my Arduino's logic to now control the motor

Hi. This is a recovery of this old thread I started here: *SOLVED* How to reverse a 5 volt motor - Motors, Mechanics, Power and CNC - Arduino Forum
However, I now would like to learn how to use my Arduino to control the motor, rather than using a switch, such as the way mentioned here: Arduino Playground - DCMotorControl

Would anyone like to share how it works?
It says the schematic is wrong. So I dont know.

I believe the Arduino would trigger the transistor (HIGH), and the transistor would then trigger the relay.
I can share my current schematic should you need it to help me out.

All I need is to replace my switch (turns the motor on and off), and replace my other switch that sets the motors direction with digital logic.
From there, I can figure things out to finish my slot loading drive :slight_smile:

Thank you.


I just was not thinking right and I had the pinstate set as an OUTPUT still :roll_eyes: