Solved: What MKR Board can I use ?

Hello Community, I want to know what MKR Board can I use for my Project?
I hope I have covered all details.

  1. Project Overview:
    On heavy rain, Water is flooding my basement. Different levels from 1cm in Room 1 till 3 cm in Room 3.
    I want to report it wireless as early as possible to the 1st floor. One room is enough for the moment.

  2. me:
    2a: I´m playing with Uno and Mega2560, using TFT Displays since 2016. Basic Networking skills.

2b: My programming skills: minor, ok I can figure out what an existing programm does and addapt it to my needs. Displaying data on a TFT. Mostly.

  1. Project
    3a: Basement uC Arduino MKR Board wireless reporting Water yes/no and automatically activating/ deactivating pump.

3b: 1st floor: MKR Board receiving and displaying condition on TFT: Water Yes/No Alarm on/off and pump running. Later switch off pump.

  1. wireless:
    not time critical. Just 6 Bits needed per room. No smartphone, no internet / rooter needed.

What MKR Board is best to use? Thank you very much for your help. (I hpe its enough information.)

The MKR1000 or the MKR1010 would be best suited.

The MMKR1000 is very stable and reliable long term as I have had one running for over a year feeding data to THINGSPEAK.

You can MESH them into thier own subnet to report to another MKR1000 or other wireless device eg an old unused cellphone etc.

Thats what I wanted to know. Thank you very much for your help.