[SOLVED} Where to find instructions for Chinese lasar cutter?

The instructions that came with this laser are VERY limited.

First of all, I want to stop the servo motors from hitting the cutter head against the end stops. Doing so grinds the cogs of the metal gears against the cogs of the rubber belts around them, which will wear the belts out.

The MoshiDraw software:

for driving the Moshi control board:

is far far too scanty in instructions, with links to related help pages that currently don’t exist, or are in all Chinese:


Searching Google, I’ve only found scattered advice and adventures; nothing comprehensive about how to do it all correctly.

Can someone point me to a knowledgeable user’s group, or to comprehensive English instructions?

You might look for a forum where the laser cutters are used. Lots of stuff on youtube also.




zoomkat: ... look for a forum.... Lots of stuff on youtube also.

Thanks for the advice, and taking the time to look things up for me!

I didn't get an answer from the forums, but your suggestion about YouTube hit the spot, with an especially good Instructable being:


It's the same model as mine, even.

Thanks to you, I successfully laser-cut my first box today, with no problems at all.


The plan for the box came from this online case generator. That gave me an .svg file which I loaded into CorelDRAW (which came on a disk with the laser), saved the .svg as an .ai file so the laser software could understand it, loaded that with the Moshi floating toolbar, and clicked "Output".

Such a pleasure to see it actually work. I'm proud of myself (and you too).

PS -- I should mention the other important settings I used: (1) Power set to 9 ma (since higher than 10 damages the laser tube. (2) Slowed the speed down to 8 cm/sec, to cut all the way through my 1/8th inch plywood, and (3) Changed the setting from 'Engrave' to 'Outline', so it would cut around all edges instead of filling the enclosed areas.

Then, the results were perfect. :)

It is good to know that the laser can eventually cut thru the thin plywood. Small robotic arms have been made out of laser cut thin wooden parts.