[SOLVED] WiFi Shield - Help with WEP Connection

I have an Arduino WiFi Shield connected to an UNO R3. I’m trying to get online with the ConnectWithWEP example sketch. The ssid and network key are the same that I use to connect every other wireless device in the house. I get the “attempting to connect…” message in the serial monitor, then the red “error” light comes on. The key index should be 0, but I’ve also tried 1-3. Any advice?

For WEP most PC based interfaces uses plain ASCII passwords and often only accept hex keys if prepended by '0x'. For the Arduino WiFi shield you must always supply a hex key. Have you checked that?

I am working on what must be a very common system in the U.S. - a 2WIRE router supplied by my Internet service provider. Printed on the bottom of the router is a 10-digit number that I have seen referred to as a hex key. This number works as the network password. There is an option to change this number to a phrase, but I haven't bothered.

I tried treating the number as a single value (in the billions) and converting to hexadecimal, but no luck. I treated the number as ascii characters, still no luck.

The router's 10-digit number is the only key that gives any type of feedback (the red error light). Anything else and all of the board's lights stay off.

I never used preconfigured passwords, I always had to set it my own. Are you sure your router is in WEP mode? Todays devices (for the last 4-6 years or so) all run in WPA2 mode.

Switching from WEP-Open to WEP-Shared authentication on my home network has solved the problem.

FYI for Verizon FiOS users: I was having the same problem on my Actiontec FiOS router. I changed my WEP authentication from "Open System Authentication" to "Both" within the WEP portion of the "Advanced Security Settings" screen, and that solved the problem.