Hi there,

next day - next trial! Luky me, today i got an Arduino MEGA 2560 for testing purposes. Yesterday i tried to get a code running on an Arduino UNO 'til i have been told, that this will not result in reliable output values ( http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=238552.0 ). Alright, today i have tested the code ( Original Source: https://github.com/xioTechnologies/x-BIMU-Arduino-Example ) with the Arduino MEGA 2560 and the serial monitor shows this:

p¨! )%B ?b?ˬ`%% p/ º'BÒ?¡Âè81ÐG&4*20Fkb5VBS¥% T .%ÖBÒ?±Âê81 ) 4%%S%,!Ts?!¡% T .5֐??Ò!??â???$ 4%Ó1Ó?4***20B{b%VSµ(BBÒ1P¢­ÔÒ¡IÂ( ´15

I don't know why this happens? Has anybody experiences with x-IMU? I configured the x-IMU in the GUI as told in the Programm:

x-IMU settings: Auxiliary Port > Auxiliary Port Mode: "UART" Auxiliary Port > UART > Baud Rate: 115200 Auxiliary Port > UART > Hardware Flow Control: Off

Hardware connections: (in my case MEGA 2560) x-IMU GND -> Arduino MEGA GND x-IMU EXT -> Arduino MEGA 5V x-IMU AX2 -> Arduino MEGA RX1

Any help appreciated!

Thanks in advance, milla

Check the serial monitor baud rate.

Thanks for the hint. I checked the serial baudrate and it was at rate 9600 (by mistake) - so i adapted it to 115200, but then everything freezed. I can not copy any values, neither can i change any settings in the monitor. When i move the sensor there are no value updates either. Sometimes new values appear, but it seems like they have been recorded at a random and irreproducible time.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance,


Alright... i finally "fixed" it.

Everything was set to baud rate 115200 (x-IMU, both serials and serial monitor) and, as i mentioned in the post before, the serial monitor got stuck. Now i have set the baud rate of "Serial" and the serial monitor to 9600 and it works.


// Functions

void setup() {
    Serial.begin(9600);   // for sending data to computer
    Serial1.begin(115200);  // for receiving data from x-IMU


I asked the developer of the x-IMU if this is just accidentally or if this should work that way, whereas he said "I am not sure why this problem affects your system but not mine."

Best, milla