[SOLVED]Yun Linux remote control with Yaler

Hi there,

I'm a perfect newbie in programming and electronics, though I manage to get things working with the help of the community and its many well-documented tutorials, and most of all with the power of the copy-paste.

So yesterday night I succeed to control a led connected to my Yun over the web trough Yaler using Rest commands and dim it through a slider on a web page from the tutorial of babaawesam. I was happy but I wanted to go further and add a webcam, so when I'm bored at work I can switch on the led and see it on the web.

By 2am I succeeded taking a picture via terminal using fswebcam test.png. But I was too late to go further, as I'm waking up at 6 to go to work.

And now I'm at work and bored. I'd like to play with my led! The question is:

Is there a way, when being relayed by Yaler, to control the Linux part of the Yun via a browser, in a similar way I send rest commands to the arduino via browser?

Sorry for the long story, and if there is no way it doesn't matter, I'll just wait till I'm back home to work on my webcam!

if you look at the hekp info on the Yaler web site for the Yun, it shows you how to access ssh remotely

Excellent answer, I didn't read enough the doc/help page...

I found what I needed: I can access my Yun with ssh using a terminal, but since I'm at work I can't install putty on the pc. But I found juicessh which works fine on my android smartphone.

The only point now is that I can't access root with my password. Which is weird because I've been using it to access luci interface via Web browser without trouble..

Does the default password work?

Nope, I think it has something to see with my installation of Yaler.

Yaler web relay works fine on my smartphone at home and at work using my password.

SSH works fine when I'm on my home network using putty.

Any ideas?

I will double check Yaler doc/help to see if I haven't miss a thing...

bobli: I will double check Yaler doc/help to see if I haven't miss a thing...

If the ssh works in your local network then seems a Yaler issue. I never used it so I don't know what to think.

Try to follow again all the steps to configure your Yun with Yaler and let us know if you discover something new.

For your information, in fact you can use Yaler for free either to web access or to ssh access. Not both in the same time!

But for now I'm okay with just having the web access.

Thanks to all for your replies.