SOLVEDError: SoftwareSerial.cpp:41:27: fatal error: avr/interrupt.h in IDE 1.6.7

I am having some very strange issues since upgrading to IDE 1.6.7 (from 1.0.6, so I don’t know when the problems would have started). The person I am working with is having the same problem, so I don’t think its the installation.

First, the IDE doesn’t recognize ‘byte’, so I have to define it:

#define byte uint8_t

Then, it doesn’t include the SoftwareSerial library and the Library Manager doesn’t have it either. I downloaded it from GitHub.

When I installed it, I get the following error:

/Arduino/libraries/SoftwareSerial/SoftwareSerial.cpp:41:27: fatal error: avr/interrupt.h: No such file or directory
 #include <avr/interrupt.h>

However, when I look, there are a few avr folders with interrupt.h in it.

I’m lost as to how to go further. What should I do here?

This is a board problem. I am using the new Artik and the library is not yet playing well with it.

Hi; I noticed that this is marked 'SOLVED' however I cannot see a solution? I am also having the same issue when referencing the avr/interrupt.h in an Arduino library. Any pointers are appreciated! Thank you.