Solwing a problem with driving single Brushed DC motor.

Hey there, guys ! My brother brought me an old RC car, that previous owner´s of his flat left in garage. Unfortunately it´s not working, but fortunately it´s from a time, when firm´s let a whole inside of space in there ! :D So, as suspected, i had to give an arduino microcontreller into it. But now, to problem. :

Power supply is 6x Li-on batteries, each 2 in parael, 3x in series, to give abaut 12V and around 4500 mah capacity on those 12V. That gives me a LOT of power, but... there goes the problem. I used a 2 cjhannel L298N based DC motor controller, which claim´s 2A per channel. That´s not really enough to drive my RC car with decent power.(I don´t know much abaut the motor i used, I had it a loooong time) At 3 A it is better, giving my Rc car decent pinch on start, but still not good enugh for me.... The question : Could i use 2 outputs for the same motor ? If i would just connect controls and outputs of channels in parael, would it give me 4A ? I upgraded cooling of L298N with bigger heatsink and a fan, so no problem with heat, i guess .... :)

If not, what controller would you recommend me to use ? Im lookinmg for driver for single motor with current flow above 4A and low cost... :) Ebay link´s are the best :)

Thank´s for responding, sorry for such a long story abaut it.. :D

The simplest thing is probably to buy an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) rated for 10 or 20 amps. Have a look at the HobbyKing website to get ideas. The ESCs are usually very small and electrically efficient and not terribly expensive.

Most ESCs are controlled by the Arduino as though they are a servo - so very simple.

Alternatively look on the Pololu and Sparkfun websites for motor driver boards.