some 868mhz advice


Im looking for some advice about using 868mhz rf with arduino, im not new to arduino and ive used 433mhz before but 868 seems not to be as popular

Im looking to capture data from a rf thermostat, intending to mimic it later on.

Ive got a RFM01 receiver, for the life of me i cant get it working. The datasheet is very unhelpful!

Anyone out there got 868 working with another transceiver?

I believe 868 is licensed in Europe, but not in the US, so not discussed a lot. There have been multiple threads here on the RFM12, some currently, and the RFM01 control is probably similar. BTW, the RFM12 can be set to run at 433, 868, or 915 MHz simply by changing a register setting, although it would also help to resize the antenna.