Some Advice needed

Im kinda new to arduino and id like to ask the experts here for some advice

im trying to figure out how to create a Xbee remote control to remote control a tracked vehicle.
my dilemma is i dont know how to connect a joystick(parallax 2 axis joystick rev B) with a xbee module(xbee S2 zigbee - XB24-ZB)

the current components im using is a parallax 2 axis joystick rev B 27800,xbee zigbee - XB24-ZB,an adafruit xbee adapter and of course a standard arduino uno for the coordinator xbee and just a simple FTDI microboard for the router xbee.

can someone point me in the right direction as to what to configure on the xbee xctu software and how do i connect the joystick to the xbee.

if more information is needed do ask. thanks