some architecture help for a beginner

I’ve been meaning to get into electronics for a while, and I’ve got an idea for a project I’d like to build. Now I need a little help figuring out what’s the best way.

It’s a simple idea, really. I’ve got a script that using my city’s bus system data can figure out when the bus will be coming by my house. I want to build a little box with a few sets of 7 segment displays that will always display the minutes until the next few buses go by my house.

So I’d guessing it would be easiest for the script to drop a small text file with the data on a server (either local or on the internet) and then have my box check the file and display the data. Seems pretty simple. Am I on the right track? Should I be using Arduino or something different? I’d love if it could be wireless, but I’m happy to start small with a wired solution.



Where do you get the data from in the first place? If it is freely available somewhere on the internet then you could use an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield to carry out a HTTP request, obtain the relevant data and then post the time up on your display.

Hey Mike,

That sound cool, where could I learn how to do that?