Some ardunio code help

Hi everyone.

It's true. A man has got to know his limits.

And I've reached mine.

This project started out simple enough then grew.

Here's what I have.

It's a remote antenna switch with 8 ports. I have the hardware done.

It runs on an Ardunio Nano.

When a port is selected, a voltage is produced and the A/D converter reads it and display the result on a 20x4 LCD. It's nothing but a list of 'if' statements. For example, "if inputA1 is 1 then lcd write something'

of course that's not the actual code, but it's close.

In case of an wiring error, digital pin 4 is pulled low and the lcd prints, 'do not use, switch error'

pulling digital pin 9 low, displays the incoming voltage from the sensor board.

now.... I have an issue with blinking display I am unable to resolve. I have slowed it down, but the display is not rock solid.


I have the beautiful 20x4 display that when the switch is off, sits there. I'd like a RTC so with the switch is off, the time is displayed on the LCD. Turn the power on, and you get antenna selection, power off and you see clock.

The wiring would be simple. I'd use a spdt switch so when in the antenna off position, a keep alive line would run the arduno. I think I'll pull another digital pin low to turn on/off the clock.

I tired and tried, but can't pull this one off

need someone to code this for me, and of course i'll compensate for time. I'll supply hardware.

Here’s a photo of the A/D sensor board/switch. in the center is the current limit control and the selector switch. The Nano in the front center. the pot with the knob is for testing.

Hi, I could have a look at it. Can you send me your code and a bit more information what exactly needs to be done?

lutz.niggl (at)