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I am posting here again since my earlier thread seem to be inactive.

I got a bit confused today by a video. (may be my bad interpretation of it)

First let me tell you what I am trying to achieve. I am buying an arduino with the intention of using it as a programmer to program other chips. (bought a PIC16F873A (28 pin) ). My intention is to program this chip and permanently solder it to the circuit. Then will use a fresh PIC16F873A to burn a different program for different purpose.

So now my questions are…

  1. I see videos mentioning to use AVR. Does AVR and PIC are completely different.? I see them constantly mentioning that AVR is from Amtel and PIC is from MicroChip. So does that mean Arduino cannot be used to program a PIC microcontroller ??

  2. What is the difference between an Arduino and a PIC KIT 2 ?

  3. Does bootloader necessarily have to be flashed into an PIC to make it usable ? if NO, then what is the advantages of flashing a boot loader and not ?

  4. When I am still waiting for my gear to arrive, I am expecting that the arduino that I am buying is going to have the arduino boot loader flashed. But wanted to know if there is a way to verify if it is flashed properly ?

  5. Once ISP sketch is flashed into arduino, how to revert back ? (Meaning, using the arduino as a programmer, how to use it as a old arduino to interface with various shields.)

  6. If I am multiplexing ~20 7 segment displays, will it incur flickering or dullness ?

  7. Does multiplexer and shift registers are same or they are different ??

Thanks in advance !


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