Some beginner's questions

Hi everyone,
I just got a robotics kit that is based on the Arduino Duemilanove from the Robot Shop so I’ve been doing some reading but have two questions to which I am unable to find an answer (more of a software than hardware guy). I hope you could help me with them:

  1. Is there any way to connect more than one shield to the Duemilanove?

and second I’ve been looking at this board - the RoBoard RB100
it looks quite good and I think I can delegate some higher level ops. to it such as vision and voice processing, my question is would it be possible to interface it to the arduino?

Thank you for your help

If one of the shields you wish to use “brings out” (in other words, has female headers on the top) all the pins, then yes. The problem you will face, though, is whether or not the shield try to use the same pins, which will not work.

Hi TchncIFI, What I’m basically trying to do is to make a rover based on the kit from the Robot Shop, I have a Duemilanove that has a Pololu servo controller and a 5A dual serial motor contoller I wanted to use the AsyncLabs’ Wi-Fi shield:

and the I/o expansion board so that I can add sensor arrays:

Will that work?

Based on the wifi’s page:

  • Slave select (SS): Arduino pin 10 (port B, pin 2)
  • Clock (SCK): Arduino pin 13 (port B, pin 5)
  • Master in, slave out (MISO): Arduino pin 12 (port B, pin 4)
  • Master out, slave in (MOSI): Arduino pin 11 (port B, pin 3)
    ? Interrupt (Uses only one of the following, depending on jumper setting)
  • INT0: Arduino pin 2 (port D, pin 2)
  • DIG8: Arduino pin 8 (port B, pin 0)
    ? LED: Arduino pin 9 (port B, pin 1)
  • To regain use of this pin, remove the LED jumper cap

You’d just have to make sure you didn’t use those pins for sensors using the other shield. It should work, as long as you don’t try to use those pins for sensors :).

Gotcha! Thanks :slight_smile: Just out of curiosity is there any way home-brew or commercial that would overcome the pin-assignment clash?

Just out of curiosity is there any way home-brew or commercial that would overcome the pin-assignment clash?

Not without rerouting the traces on one of the PCBs :P. You’d have to literally rewire pretty much the whole thing. I think it’s best just to avoid pins 10, 13, 12, 11, 2, 8 (, 9) when using the sensors.

Some of those you probably wouldn’t use anyways (like 13), and 9 can be used if you follow the instructions listed under that pin info in my previous quote.