Some Boxes Dimmer Than Others (Arudino LCD)

I'm using the "Microtivity IM161 LCD Module 1602, White on Blue with Backlight" I bought a while ago and everything was working fine and I was able to programming it properly without any problems. Now I'm have an issue where some boxes (specifically the left half) are much dimmer than the right side. If I increase the contrast completely with the potentiometer, all the boxes on the right side are white, however, all the left boxes are much more dim, in other words, I can see the characters displaying on the left side only.

I've tried replacing the wires to see if there any shorts, and that didn't help. I'm thinking this might be a hardware issue. Any ideas?

It sounds like you have a dying LCD. One side works but the other does not, and when you first bought it, both sides worked. You might just need to get a new one.

Try to apply some pressure on the edges of the bad side, it may not be making full contact with the conducting strip.