Some Cards Work Some Don't

I tried 4 cards: two 1GB, one 2GB, and one 256MB. The two 1GB cards, Lexar and SanDisk, both failed to initialize. The 2GB card is a micro SD card in a SD adapter. It initializes, was OK with write, but failed read. The 256MB card is Lexar 6MB/sec, and works without any problems.

All tests were done using the CardInfo example that came with Arduino IDE.

Is This Normal?

Are the SD cards formatted before hand?

Yes, on Win 7.

Using SD Association's SD Card Formatter program?


I tested another SD card module. For this one, the four signal wires are in a shielded cable that I cut from a broken USB cable. The shield was grounded. It has problem only with the SanDisk 1GB card, saying it cannot find FAT16/FAT32 partition.

The SD Association’s SD Card Formatter does not not help. The result is the same.