Some code loads, some has errors Elegoo Smart Robot V.3 Ir + Bluetooth errors

Hello, I'm totally new to this so I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot. I just purchased a elegoo uno smart robot car V. 3. I followed the instructions to the letter. I downloaded the Arduino application to my windows computer and I downloaded the files from Elegoo's website. In the files there are instruction PDFs and arduino codes. There are 5 lessons that are in the following order.

  1. Make the Car Move
  2. Obstacle Avoidance
  3. Line Tracking Car
  4. Infrared Remote Control Car
  5. Bluetooth Car

Each of the lessons have sub folders. You open them up through the app and find the appropriate Arduino file and upload it to the car. The first three lessons loaded without issue and the robot performed perfectly. As soon as i tried the IR codes in lesson 4 I got an error and it wouldn't load. The same occurs in lesson 5 for the bluetooth. It's frustrating. The libraries have been updated.

For the Infrared remote control car the error is "IRremote.h: No such file or directory"
For the bluetooth file Smartcar_core the error is "Forward is not declared in this scope"

Last night I was getting different errors. Can someone help me understand why some code I downloaded works and some doesn't? Mostly can someone tell me what to do or not to do so this will work as advertised? As previously mentioned, I need the robot for dummies version. Thank You

You will have to show the code here for each of those problems. A link to that Elegoo stuff can also help us to help you.

For the IR, you probably did not install the required IRremote library. The most common IRremote library is the one by Ken Shirriff but I'm not sure of the Elegoo kit was written for that. Easiest way to install that library is probably via menu sketch -> include library -> library manager.

But first read your documentation again to check if you missed something.

For the bluetooth problem, there can be several reasons. Incorrect copying of the code is one of them (e.g. a missing }). Also be aware that C/C++ is case-sensitive so Forward is not the same as FORWARD.

Just in case you haven't done so yet, please read, specifically point #7 about posting code.