Some Digital pins jumpy

I can get a simple 127 off value and a 0 on value for pin 0 2 and 12 on my arduino and it works smooth. the others however jump when they are not pressed. why is this? I am just using simple switches and force resister inputs. Please help, oh and i'm using the black widow, with the wireless, although i am just using the usb to connect

What is a "simple 127 off value" ?

sorry, i run the arduino through JunXion, it turns the input into midi data. I suppose i mean just on and off. JunXion translates it to those values. So i get a jumpy on off values on the other pins. 0 2 and 12 work fine and are completely stable.

the others however jump when they are not pressed

What are they connected to?

Do they have pullups or pulldowns?

i connect them straight to force resistors, all those start at 127 and then i apply force and the increased resistance pulls it down to zero. I connect them to the ground The other switches are off an old electric organ. I ripped the bass pedals off and they simple complete the circuit when pressed. i have the connected to the 5V through to the digital pins.

straight to force resistors

Well as old as I am and with decades of working in electronics that is a new term for me. Did you make it up or is it a word used in some specialty area?

If you really want help you need to post a schematic and any code you are using, otherwise words like force resistors just get in the way.


I suspect the OP means Force Sensitive Resistors, such as:

If that is the case, then I suspect that he should be reading them using analog ports, and using a voltage divider type setup.