Some ethernet shiedld?

Hi there.. does anyone here know a way of doing some ethernet stuff yourself? I mean without any official shield but by soldering together some stuf? I guess one needs some chip for it to work at all, but is there, by any chance, a chip in DIP factor one can use?

The microchip ENC28j60 chip that has been mentioned, and is used in some of the "ethernet only" (no IP/TCP HW assist) shields, is available in a DIP package.

Thanks :0)

The Wiznet module used in the official ethernet shield is available sepaarately:

NKC sells a board that breaks out the SPI pins:

Note that NKC board is for the Wiznet 810 module, which uses slightly different connectors from the ones on the 811 module used on the shield. The 811 module connectors are (American) standard .1" header pins, so you could adapt it yourself with some perfboard, and just run a few wires to the Arduino.