Some general electronic questions

And that generally does not solder either! :roll_eyes:

I tried soldering aluminium yesterday because I was curious and let me tell you that the result was very bad. It waa just a waste of my soldering flux, solder, electricity and TIME.

I will stick with copper only :slight_smile:

I had asked this question when I saw this video:

You don't have to touch the stove, if you know it's going to hurt.

CURIOSITY, I know....

That's a steel drinks can.

What? Drink cans are made of Aluminium and only very few are made of tin plated steel. Coca-cila says that there cans are made of aluminium.


Steel is cheaper, and is commonly used in many parts of the world (its the majority in some places). Cola Cola cans are aluminium in the 'States, but that doesn't mean they are everywhere.