some of my progams (non-arduino) have gone missing...

I uninstalled the arduino plugin with the "uninstall" application, and suddenly some of the programs on my windows 10 computer seem to be gone…

Their desktop shortcut isn't working anymore, and I can't find it anywhere in the computer's files.

does anyone know what's going on?

Which programs?

quite random actually, but it seems to be only things that weren't installed on the pc at the start

Cannot reproduce it here with either IDE 1.8.5 (regular) or the APP version.
Are you sure that was all you did ?

When you say PLUGIN do you mean the plugin for CREATE ?

Removing that can affect the regular IDE but does not delete your sketches from the regular IDE as they are still where they should be.

A simple DEFAULT re-install of the regular IDE will rebuild the paths to your sketches etc.

The plugin issue ONLY AFFECTS THE IDE and does NOT delete or affect other programs.
The only way to do that is misuse of a third party uninstaller program such as REVO or similar.

As to what I could see, the uninstaller came with the installation of the arduino create plugin. I could try to see if that’s actually the case, but I don’t want to do it again…

Was it the CREATE plugin ?

What "other" programs did it disrupt ? (dont include the regular IDE in your list as we know about that)

Please supply DETAILS ??