Some problems about arduino visual studio

i had some difficulties with arduino visual studio .i have installed and configuredvisual micro with these steps of the web site( i compiled my program,the visual studio showed:
cannt findd:\VisualMicroforArduino\default_vsaddin_vsAddIn_build*.o
cannt find d:\Visual Micro for Arduino\default_vsaddin_vsAddIn_build*.a
cannt find d:\Visual Micro for Arduino\default_vsaddin_vsAddIn_build*.eep
cannt findd:\Visual Micro for Arduino\default_vsaddin_vsAddIn_build*.elf
cannt find d:\Visual Micro for Arduino\default_vsaddin_vsAddIn_build*.hex
avr-gcc: d:\Visual: No such file or directory
1>avr-gcc: no input files
1>Failed to create include_board.c.o (avr-gcc)

what’s the matter? what should i do?

is this resolved now? did you set your options>locations correctly?