Some question about mpu6050 dmp library

Hello everyone.I am building up my 4 rotors helicopter,and I meet some problem with mpu6050 dmp library.I found I can't get the right data by directly use the MPU6050_DMP6,and I add "delay(300)" in the code,it can get correct angles, but it's too slow,I am not good at programing?just learned some by myself,and I think you already found my English is not good.Could you give me some gudiance,or perfect the MPU6050 DMP library?Thanks.

The dmp examples uses the fifo and interrupts.
When you add a delay, the fifo will be filled with the same rate.
The delay will only reduce the time to handle the incoming data.
You have to set the MPU-6050 to store data in the fifo at a lower rate.
I forgot which function it was, could you check that yourself ?

I will do my best to have a try,if I failed i will ask for your help.

This is exactly my problem as well. I want to put a delay function within the QUATERNION output option in the main loop but when I run the code in the serial monitor it gives “FIFO overflow” for every generated set of values. I am a newbie at Arduino so I would really appreciate if you share with me the solution to this problem.