Some question about the board

Good evening, I’m new, I have a weather station that I would like to expand: I would like to add sensors managed by arduino, in particular by the MKR1010 wifi board that would allow me to upload data on the internet, on my site. The sensors I would like to use are the following:
-DS18B20-> Which, inserted inside a solar screen, measures the temperature at a height close to the ground. Datasheet DS18B20From the datasheet it seems to me that Vn is between 2.6 and 3.6V with In of 1.3mA
-MLX90614-> IR temperature sensor that pointed towards the sky allows to understand the presence or absence of clouds Datasheet MLX90614 There are several versions with 3 or 5V power supply. I would choose the 3V one which is identified with the letter B. In should be 1-1.5mA
-HC-SR04-> Ultrasonic sensor that allows you to measure the distance to an object, in my case I would use it to measure the height of the snow cover in winter. Datasheet HC-SR04 the power supply is 5V, while In = 15mA.
-AS3935 → Sensor that allows to identify the distance of possible lightning discharges.
Datasheet AS3935 the power supply should be 5V while the In should be 50mA.

Now I have some questions: First I would ask you to check if the voltage and current which i take from the datasheets are correct. Then I saw that the MKR1010 wifi works at 3.3V, but it has a pin with a 5V output to power the sensors, but I didn’t find the maximum current value that can i take from that PIN and the maximum current that supplies 3.3V. Simply i want to know if I can connect all the sensors counting that some need 5V power. Finally, I did not understand how the Lipo charging circuit works. I understood that I can put a 3.7V Lipo that will be recharged until the board is powered at 5V, so I could for example use a photovoltaic panel with a regulator that stabilizes at 5V to charge the battery and power the arduino during the day then during the night or during cloudy days i have to use the battery to power the arduino. It’s correct? Thanks for your attention and sorry for the bad english, Stefano

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